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Small Pecan dining table or Desk
  • Small Pecan dining table or Desk

    $2,400.00 Regular Price
    $2,000.00Sale Price

    For those in tight spaces this Pecan dining table is what you need. This beauty features copper infused epoxy throughout. There is unique tiger striping in thie wood, and also some curly tones and a light touch of spalting, with highlights of lighter colored tans and browns - perfect for thos who don't care for the heavy, darker colors inherent in Walnut. It was sanded to a satiny smoothness, and finished with an all natural blend of waxes / oils. Truly a unique, statemnt piece for your home!




    30" tall, and is 5' long and 36" wide.


    Special highlights:


    * Threaded inserts are used to attach legs, and can be re-assembled multibple times without damaging the wood.

    * Machine planed perfectly flat.

    *Progressivly sanded from #120 up to #600 to bring out the amazing detail and texture of the wood.

    * Natural oil and wax finish is tough, durable, alcohol and water proof, easy to clean, easy to repair.


    This unique piece is in the shop and ready for you to make it yours.

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