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Image by Eddy Klaus

Just a simple story

I can still remember working along side my dad as a child. My father patiently teaching me how to work with and use all the tools of the trade. He would smile at the cobbled together chunks of wood that I called furniture. And here I am now continuing where he left off. I love working with wood:  the smell, the textures, all the different colors. Taking a rough milled slab and turning it into something that will be appreciated and possibly even handed down to the next generation gives me a true sense of accomplishment. It makes me smile to see the joy on someone's face when they reach out and touch the work that I have done. Or when I receive an email from a customer thanking me and sharing the story of how my work has affected their life.... Well it just makes my day! 




Live Edge Tables is a family owned producer of solid wood, live edge slab tables, shelves, desks and more. Located in the suburbs of Sacramento, California, all of our wood is sourced and milled locally. The hardwood slabs are carefully selected and feature superior quality, stunning beauty and are absolutely unique. Most of the items sold are custom designs, made specifically to the customer's specifications.


A live edge table is more than a functional piece of furniture. It's more than a home decor addition.  When you add a unique, meticulously crafted piece to your home, you are making a statement.  And when you purchase direct from the maker, your statement is not just about your style, but about your commitment to support an artisan owned micro-business.


Quality is the highest priority from the very beginning. The wood is hand selected, kiln dried, and planed perfectly flat. It is then progressively sanded from #120 up to #600 to bring out the amazing detail and texture of the wood.  Threaded inserts are used to attach the legs, and can be re-assembled multiple times without damaging the wood.  The finishing touch is an application of a custom blend of all natural oils / waxes which is hand buffed to a satiny smooth finish..  These processes ensure the beauty of the wood is preserved without losing color and contrast and providing the finest furniture and decor that you can buy.  Your one of a kind statement piece will last a lifetime!



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