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Live Edge Bastogne Walnut Dining Table
  • Live Edge Bastogne Walnut Dining Table

    $4,000.00 Regular Price
    $3,400.00Sale Price

    Beautiful 8' live edge dining table made up of two book matched slabs of Bastone Walnut. (Book matched slabs are two slabs cut consecutivly from the same log, and when folded open they are mirror images of each other.) Turqouise blue colored epoxy fills the natural space between the two slabs. The table sits on a pair of flat iron X shaped legs. Finished with an all natural oil / wax blend that adds a layer of protection to the meticulously sanded wood.




    30" tall, and is 8' long and 38" wide.


    Special highlights:

    * Kiln dried

    * Threaded inserts are used to attach legs, and can be re-assembled multibple times without damaging the wood.

    *Progressivly sanded from #120 up to #600 to bring out the amazing figure and texture of the wood.

    * Natural oil and wax finish is tough, durable, alcohol and water proof, easy to clean, easy to repair.


    This beautiful piece is in the shop and ready to add unique beauty to your home.

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