Live Edge Bastone Walnut Coffee Table
  • Live Edge Bastone Walnut Coffee Table


    Gorgeous live edge coffee table!  The wood slab was carefully milled from an old Bastone Walnut tree; then  machine planed and  sanded to a satin smooth finish. It   sits on three flat, iron hair pin legs which are very strong and stable. It has been finished with a blend of all natural oils and waxes and  is ready for its new home.  



    About 40" long and around 36" wide, stands 18" tall



    Special highlights:


    * Threaded inserts are used to attach legs, and can be re-assembled multibple times without damaging the wood.

    * Machine planed perfectly flat.

    *Progressivly sanded from #120 up to #600 to bring out the amazing detail and texture of the wood.

    * Natural oil and wax finish is tough, durable, alcohol and water proof, easy to clean, easy to repair.